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  • Felling or dismantling in sections, trees which are unsafe or unsuitable for their location.
  • Making trees safer by removing dead, damaged or diseased branches.
  • Thinning the crown of the tree to allow more light to filter through the canopy.
  • Crown lifting the canopy of the tree, to conform to current height clearances above highways or pavements, or to improve light levels or visibility.
  • Pruning branches back from buildings, boundaries, road signs, street or outside lights.
  • Maintenance of newly planted trees, to ensure the tree grows well from its early days.
  • Mature tree maintenance, by inspection from the ground or in the tree, bracing the tree if necessary, appropriate pruning or crown renovation.
  • Maintenance of broad-leaved or evergreen hedges: trimming; reducing; renovating old hedges or removing them.
  • Thinning groups or trees to provide more space for the growth of the better specimens.
  • Recognizing tree hazards, such as fungal/bacterial infections causing the tree to be unsafe, linear cracking of limbs or branches or root damage.
  • Planting: advice on the species, quantity and size of trees required. Their supply and planting, a lot of future expense and problems can be prevented by planting the right tree in the right place.
  • Maintenance or removal of tall hedges.
  • Trimming back or removal of climbers like ivy, honeysuckle and clematis.

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If you need any tree services - pruning, reshaping or felling - or just want some advice, please give me a call on the number below - or email me.
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