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Tree pruning, tree removal

From small back gardens to stately homes, from country estates to bungalows, from conventional semis to upmarket residences - we tackle the lot:

Tree disease and storm damage

Unfortunately, like all living things, trees get old, diseased and eventually die. Others get badly damaged by storms and need to be removed. We are always happy to give advice on tree disease and removal, where necessary.

Garden tree removal

Plants in a Plant Nursery can look neat and beautiful, but once planted in the garden, they grow and grow - and keep growing.. After just a few years they can become a task to maintain. Just a few years more and it's obvious that the tree belongs in the wild and is just too large for the average garden. See the following page for a step-by-step view of how we removed a giant tree.

Reshaping trees

Sometimes trees and shrubs grow unevenly and look straggly - or perhaps they were planted too close to a building and need to be trimmed back . Reshaping is a routine maintenance task - most trees and shrubs recover naturally during the next growing season. We are always happy to carry out this task for you.

Hedges, large shrubs & climbers

Tall hedges and older shrubs can be a burden to maintain. Householders, balanced on a step ladder, clippers in hand is a recipe for a bad accident. So why risk a broken arm - or worse? With the right equipment it is just a routine task for us. We also trim or remove climbers like ivy, clematis, honeysuckle from trees or buildings.

General tree maintenance

Larger species can thrive in many gardens, if they are maintained regularly and kept in check. Crown lifting / removing or trimming some lower branches allows the tree to thrive and makes the garden below useful again. This really isn't something you should tackle on your own - but for us, it's all part of a normal day's work.


If you need any tree services - pruning, trimming or felling - or just want some advice, please give me a call on the number below - or email me. Jonathan Foster - 01937 584327 - email :